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Julia smiled and laughed, holding Peter's hand against her cheek. His soft thumbprint was barely brushing the upper curl of her lip. It was perfect placement. "What?" he said, smiling as well.
"No, it's just, you're going for it," Julia said, putting one hand on his chest. "You used to be so hesitant and now you're touching me whenever you like."
Peter's hand darted off and he sat still on the couch, arms crossed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable," Peter said quickly. Julia sighed and climbed onto him, lowering the two onto the couch, her chest pressed against his. After the "super-pregnancy" she'd experienced about eight months back, she still had some residual heft in her breasts.
"Not what I meant," she said, removing her hair band and letting her blond locks fall down, tickling Peter's face. "It's nice. I don't have to tell you where I like to be touched. You just..."
"I figured it out," Peter replied, reaching up Julia's thighs, cupping her rear. She purred, curling
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Somebody do something!
I haven't done an edit in a while! Let me know what you think :)
Sneak peek: Julie and Sara 4 isn't going to have any inflation (well, maybe a little ;) )
New story is up! I dunno how much I'm gonna get done in the next few weeks on my other stories but I promise that I'm working on them! 

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Alex opened his eyes slowly, feeling an almost overpowering grogginess over him.

“Look, he’s waking up!” a female voice said rather excitedly.

“Ugh, finally! I thought you killed him!” another female voice said.

Alex shook his head, the fogginess clearing from both his vision and his head. He was tied to a chair, that much he knew. He looked around, it seemed that he was in a basement of some kind. No exit save for an abnormally wide ramp on the opposite side of the room. He looked down and saw that he was wearing a blue button-down shirt and blue dress pants. I wasn’t wearing that before, he thought. Where had he been before though? He remembered being at the mall, he went and got a bit to eat, and he’d run across his ex-girlfriend…oh no, he thought with a shiver running down his back. A light tap on the shoulder snapped him out of his thought process. He looked up to see his ex, Violet, smiling at him face to face. Her blonde hair framing her rounded face in a lazy ponytail. Alex could see that she was wearing a purple jacket with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans. Violet had always been a thicker girl, not fat but not skinny either.

“Rise and shine berry boy.” Violet said with a cocky grin.

Alex blushed, Violet was the only girl that he’d ever told his secret fetish too. He was borderline obsessed with blueberry girls and did anything he could to get closer to the real thing. He’d even asked Violet out almost entirely because of her name. As their relationship grew and grew, Alex had finally told Violet about his fetish a year and a half into their relationship. They’d even roleplayed a few times. But they had broken up a few months prior. Clearly, she wasn’t taking it very well.

“I think he’s still trying to figure out what’s going on.” the other woman said. It was Natalie, Violet’s annoying best friend. The two were almost never separate, she even went on a few of Violet and Alex’s dates, much to Alex’s chagrin. She was an average sized girl with black hair and a decent figure.

Alex tried breaking free of his restraints again but it was no use, he was tied to the chair very well. Violet had been a Girl Scout after all. “It’s no use Alex, I made sure you wouldn’t leave me this time.” she said. “Violet, what the hell are you doing?” Alex asked forcefully.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Violet started, “I’m getting payback for you sleeping around behind my back.” The two had broken up because Alex had been talking to another girl named Amanda, the two were only friends but Violet saw it differently. She had been furious with Alex and immediately ended their two-year relationship. “I wasn’t cheating on you! You have no proof of that!” Alex defended himself.

“Oh yes you were, I saw the way you looked at that little slut! You slept with her because I wouldn’t indulge your sick little fantasies all the time!” Violet screamed before stopping to compose herself. “But that’s why we’re here today, isn’t it?” Violet smiled an unsettlingly pleasant smile. Alex began looking around the room for a way to escape but there wasn’t any.

“Violet, let’s not do anything stupid here. We can talk this out.” Alex said, still fighting against his restraints.

“Oh we’re far past that berry boy.” Natalie chimed in, producing a small rectangle from her pants pocket. Violet took it from her and held it in front of Alex’s face.

“You see this? This little piece of gum is how I’m gonna pay you back for what you did to me.” Alex looked at it, then her.

“That isn’t…” he started.

“Blueberry gum? You bet, it took forever to find on the internet but once I did, I knew exactly what I was going to do.” Violet grinned like a madwoman. Alex's eyes widened in fear as he realized what was about to happen.

“Open wide berry boy!” she laughed.

Alex felt Natalie’s hand hold open his mouth and Violet shove the gum into his mouth.

The resistant man bit down on it reflexively, releasing a mouthful of exquisite blueberry juice into his mouth. He bit down again, unable to resist, as his jaw slowly started chewing the gum almost autonomously. “He’s actually chewing it!” Natalie squealed in delight. Alex tried spitting it out, he really did, but nothing happened. His hungry jaws continued working the blueberry-flavored gum as a steady stream of blueberry juice began to pour down his throat.

“You know Alex,” Violet said, sitting down on his lap and leaning in close to his face, “I wonder what everyone else knew about your little secret, hmm?” Alex looked at her pleadingly as she pulled his phone out from her pocket. She put an arm around his shoulder, holding the screen up so he could see it. She went into his phone’s pictures, pulling up his private file. In it were various pictures of blueberry girls, including edits of Violet and Natalie that he had done himself.

“Oh my, Alex! I’m flattered that you still have me in your pictures, even if I look like…well, you in about 20 minutes.” she said, giving him a peck on his bluing cheek. Alex was utterly mortified, “Please don’t! Blow me up, do whatever, just don’t show that stuff around, please!” he begged. She added all the pictures to a Facebook album and posted it.

“Whoops.” Violet said, tossing his phone aside.

Alex looked down at his hands as they turned a rich dark blue, still unable to budge his restraints. “And it looks like you’re almost entirely blue!” Violet laughed.

Natalie snapped a picture on her phone behind her, “Don’t worry Vi, I’m gonna get enough pictures for the both of us.”

Alex felt full, very full, he had read enough fetish stories on DeviantArt to know what was about to happen. He looked down and saw his stomach push out against his shirt, almost immediately untucking it from his tightening pants. His thighs began to stretch his pants as they started to fill and fill. “Wow, he’s getting really fat already!” Natalie said, snapping more pictures on her phone.

Alex squirmed as his arms started to bulge out, tightening against the restrictive restraints. “What, I thought you wanted to be this way!” Violet mocked him, “Or did you just want to photoshop me into a berry on your computer?" Alex whined and groaned as he grew out, even tighter against his restraints.

A sudden POP caused the girls to jump as Alex's shirt burst open, exposing his fattening belly and chest. The girls laughed at his fat belly, poking it and making it jiggle, eliciting moans out of the poor man. "Oh wow, he's a regular chunker now isn't he?" Natalie said, fondling Alex's belly button. "This is the best $100 we've ever spent, Nat." Violet giggled as she stroked Alex's hair.

With a loud THWIP, Alex felt his wrists freed of the ropes holding him to the chair.

Alex immediately tried to get out of the chair and make a run for it. But he couldn’t. The weight of the juice and his expanded belly left him helplessly swelling out of the chair. His middle bulged painfully around the arms of the chair. “Oh I know, it must be so awful blowing up like this.” Violet teased, poking Alex’s swelling belly and chest. “You want to get out of that chair, don’t you?” she asked, staring into Alex’s now violet eyes. He nodded desperately, well, as much as he could, he could hardly move his head down with his bloated chest in the way.

Violet smiled, “Well, I’m sure it’ll break sometime soon fatty.”

The blonde slapped Alex’s taut belly, causing it to jiggle uncontrollably. With no warning, the frail wooden chair cracked underneath him. Only he didn’t fall very far, he landed on what used to be his rear and rocked up his rounded back. Oh god, I’m rounding out!, the blueberry boy thought. If it wasn’t for his current predicament, he’d be loving this. But his ex’s fiendish smile over the rapidly swelling curve of his chest made him worry for what would happen to him. A sudden POP alerted Alex that his member had burst out of his pants, shredding the poor fabric and leaving it in a heap on the ground. “My, my, I knew you’d be happy to see me again but I didn’t think this happy!” Violet teased, rubbing a single finger over Alex’s swelling crotch.

He looked to his side, over his swollen shoulders to see his arms rapidly being enveloped into his body. He tried moving his arms, trying to fight the inevitable as best he could, but it was no use. His fingers produced only a pathetic twitch as his blue arms were enveloped by his body. As a final humiliation, he felt the juice rush up to his face, plumping his cheeks out and forcing his mouth shut. The berry fetishist was now 6 feet wide.

“Oh my goodness, this is too perfect!” Violet laughed, poking Alex’s taut belly experimentally. “He’s so fat!” Natalie laughed, circling around the blueberry with her camera, getting pictures at every angle. Without warning, Alex felt an immense pressure on his front as Violet mounted his belly, leaning over his front to look in his violet eyes. He winced as he felt Violet’s ass crush the tip of his engorged member.

“You’re a lot cuter when you’re helpless.”, she smiled. Violet sat there admiring her blueberry boy for a few seconds.

“Now that we’ve blown him up, what are we gonna do with him?” Natalie asked, poking and prodding the swollen berry.

“Hmm, well obviously we need to roll the young man to the juicer for squeezing. He needs to be squeezed immediately before he explodes.” Violet quoted with a devious look in her eye.

“Wait, he’ll explode?” Natalie asked cluelessly. Violet rolled her eyes, “It’s a quote from the movie, Nat.”

Violet turned her attention back to her berry, getting off his belly and pulling out her phone. Suddenly, the familiar sounds of an Oompa Loompa entered Alex’s blue ears.

“Oompa Loompa doompadee do, I’ve got another puzzle for you.” Violet circled her prey, tracing a single finger along the berry’s taut skin. “Oompa Loompa doompadah dee, if you are wise you’ll listen to me.” Alex felt Violet’s hand rub over his member followed by a burst of warmth in his terribly stretched underwear. “Whoops!” Violet giggled before teasing it some more. “Gum chewing’s fine when it’s once in a while, it stops you from smoking and brightens your smile.” He felt Violet’s dainty hands touch his side and rotate him so he could see Natalie on the other side of the room. “But it’s repulsive, revolting and wrong. Chewing and chewing….” A sudden shove sent Alex’s world turning over and over, helpless to stop himself as he rolled across the floor.

He felt Natalie stop his roll forcefully, forcing a groan out of the swollen blueberry. “The way that a cow does.” Another push sent Alex back towards his ex-lover who caught him as tenderly as she could, not wanting to pop her new toy. “Oompa Loompa doompadee dah, given good manners you will go far.” Violet turned her blueberry boy onto his back and climbed up onto his swollen body, producing a small stick of gum identical to the one that had been forced into his mouth ten minutes earlier. Alex’s violet eyes went wide. “You will live in happiness too, like the Oompa Loompa dommpadee do!”  With a wild smile, Violet shoved the gum into Alex’s mouth with a surprising amount of strength.

Alex reflexively swallowed, the blueberry juice in his mouth taking the gum eagerly into his system. Almost immediately, Alex felt tighter all over. “Let’s show you off to Amanda, Berry Boy!” Violet said excitedly, pushing her juicy victim towards the door. “Before you pop.”, she added as Natalie opened the door.

Would he pop? Would he ever be juiced? Alex didn’t know, all he knew was that his skin was getting tighter and the tart taste of blueberries was getting stronger in his mouth...
Alex's Big Mistake
Doing something a little different with this one! Let me know what you guys think and have a great day :)
Hey all, I'm thinking of writing a story but I want to know what you want more:
-More of Julie and Sara
-Male Inflation
-or something totally different

Please comment and let me know!


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